March 19, 2017

I consider Hawai’i my 2nd home, so as a cancer survivor, I wanted to say “Mahalo” and show my appreciation to my friends and the Healthcare Professionals with a Hawaiian Luau. I prepared food for 100 people and had the best entertainment which was the “Spirit of the South Seas”. The dancers so love what they do, and all my guest loved their show. A friend from work and his wife, who stay in my condos in Kauai and Maui, said that they had a better time at my Luau, then the ones that they paid big $$ for in the islands. The dancers welcomed everyone with a lei, and for those few hours it almost felt as if we were in Hawaii. All the comments were so heartwarming. When you see their audience, their smiles say it all. These dancers and myself have almost become “Ohana”(family) and I am so happy to have them in my life. Mahalo to this wonderful group!